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creating a World where every note matters, where the fusion of sound and blockchain technology opens the door to a new era of possibilities


Shaping Tomorrow's Music & Media Experience

About us
Soundlinx is in development to become a groundbreaking platform, that intertwines music and media recognition with a unique reward system. In its final form, users will be able to upload and identify music snippets, earning tokens for each recognition, innovate media and advertisements with unique data over sound ways of engagements. It’s a journey towards a more interactive and rewarding world.

Data-Over-Sound Technology

Technology at Soundlinx
Soundlinx harnesses the power of data-over-sound technology, a cutting-edge method of transmitting data using sound waves. This technique involves encoding data into sound and then decoding it at the receiving end, utilizing the built-in speakers and microphones of devices. It's a secure, efficient, and universally accessible way of data transfer, offering real-time communication.

Integration with Ethereum Blockchain

We take this a step further by integrating with the Ethereum blockchain. Each sound transaction is recorded on this decentralized ledger, providing an immutable and transparent record. Ethereum's smart contracts automate processes, enabling actions or rewards based on the data received.

Sound Recognition Methods in SDLX

Soundlinx's sound recognition operates in two innovative ways:
1. Cross-Referencing with Library: Soundlinx compares a snippet of sound against a secure library. It analyzes various audio characteristics to accurately identify the song or sound.
2. Unique Audio Markers: Soundlinx can detect unique, inaudible markers embedded within media files. These markers are unique to each file, offering precise identification.

Road Map

Official launch of the SoundLinX project
January 26, 2024
SoundLinX launches L2 on Ethereum network
June, 2024
SoundLinX launches it own multifunctional wallet
August, 2024
Launch Enterprise solution applications
September, 2024
Defense system against Quantum Attacks
AI solutions for identifying unique voice commands and broad band signals

Digital Media

Token Information

SoundLinX in numbers

Total Current Supply
250.000.000 SDLX
SoundLinX Foundation locked with conditions
75.000.000 SDLX
SoundLinX Development locked with conditions
50.000.000 SDLX
Current Supply in circulation
125.000.000 SDLX
Total Maximum supply with aprox 10 yrs time period
500.000.000 SDLX

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